Game choices really depend on the age of the kids. We can talk about the games and come up with the best choices for your age group.  For Preschool/early elementary I have a parachute that is perfect for the park or large yards. Several games can be played with the parachute:  making a large tent, running under when your name is called, keeping balls on top and bouncing it. Duck duck goose is always a favorite for the younger kids, the farmer in the dell, London bridge.

The parcel game is great for this age as well  as the older aged kiddos. A gift is wrapped in several layers of wrapping paper, I will play music and each time the music stops whoever is holding the gift takes 1 layer of paper off. The final layer will reveal a gift and the birthday/ honored guest will get to unwrap that layer and keep the gift. The gift is usually something such as a book or small stuffed animal I try to make it age and gender appropriate for the birthday child. 

I have found that the kids love relay games and have a few to choose from,  my favorite is the cotton ball relay when you either put a cotton ball on a spoon and run back and forth with 2 teams or sticking it to your nose with a dab of Vaseline. Other relay games include the toob top relay the kids put a toob top on and race each other until all the kids on both teams have finished.  Also red rover and koosh ball.

If the weather is gloomy or it is an indoor party I have a few choices.  As long as there is a bit of room to make a circle with the kids, we can play hot potato and the animal game. 

I spy. Sometimes kids can play some I spy while waiting in line for balloons and paintings.  Of course if you have favorite games I am more than willing to play those as well.


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